Summer Programs

Summer training for the sport you love is here!

2020 Summer Programs

Calgary Speed Skating Association has worked with the Oval coaching staff to develop the 2020 summer program. The Oval will be removing the ice surfaces at the end of March and will have the ice re-installed in mid-June. Prices and schedules are to be confirmed with the Oval in April, once the Oval has finalized scheduling with the international & national teams.

Calgary Speed Skating Association – Summer Program will run from early May until the end of August. The program is gradual and builds over the summer. Our summer program will be flexible to accommodate skater needs. Should you not be able to commit to the full or partial program, please contact us and we can make arrangements for a shorter commitment or a drop-in arrangement.

The Calgary Speed Skating Association – Summer Training Program provides our skaters with the opportunity to participate in a summer season physical literacy/sport specific training program. The programs run between 2 and 4 days a week (depending on the age of the skater and the month of training) to ensure maximum results for the time being invested. The program is designed for FUNdamentals through Training to Train through Junior levels of athletes as outlined in Speed Skating Canada’s Long Term Participant and Athlete Development Model. The number of days per week that you will train will depend on your age, the specific program you are registered in and the month.

The main objective for the Calgary Speed Skating Association – Summer Training Program will be the overall development of the athlete’s physical capacities with a focus on aerobic capacity, strength conditioning and improving their fundamental movement skills.

The key points of this program are:

  • Development of the aerobic base;
  • Development and improvement of strength;
  • Introduction or further development of speed and sport-specific skills;
  • Session on stretching, nutrition and hydration, mental preparation; and

Establish pre-competition, competition and post competition routines.

Teen / Junior Group

Those skaters who are 11 and older and who skated in either the Senior Teen or Junior Teen groups (and some of our Y3 skaters) will register in one of the Teen/Junior Program.

Starting in early May, for the month of May we will train 2 times per week with one session of inline training and off-ice technical training. For the month of June, a third session for off-ice technical training will be introduced. For the months of July and August training will run up to 4 times a week as on-ice training is added.

This year our Program for the Teens will include: inline skating with certified inline coaches (inline skate rental is included in the cost – location Bowness park); off ice technical training with our top coaches; and, of course from July we will be back on the ice once a week for technical sessions.

This group will also be dropping-in on occasion with the Oval program.  Some athletes may be asked to drop-in with Stage 1 of the Oval, as part of the Oval drop-in program.

Calgary Speed Skating Association is also offering another training option this summer, a track cycling (at the Glenmore Velodrome – 5300 19 St SW) program with a certified coach (the rental of a track bike is included in the registration fee) on Tuesday nights which is youth night.  Registration will be through the Calgary Bicycle Track League ( The cost of the program is $150 for the summer plus the cost of the Alberta Bicycle Association membership (non-racing youth is $31).

As always, we will provide highly qualified coaches for all of our training sessions (TBA).

Prices and schedules are to be confirmed with the Oval in April, once the Oval has finalized scheduling with the international & national teams.

Youth Group

Those skaters who are 11 and under and who skated in the Y3, Y2, Y1, I2SS and L2SS groups will register in our Youth Program.

Starting in early May we will train once per week starting with inline skating.  In June, we will move to twice per week and will introduce on-ice starting in July.

The Program will include off-ice training once a week and on ice technical sessions once a week. Off-ice sessions will be on Tuesdays. The days on which ice sessions will be held will be determined and subject to the schedule that the Oval will provide to us.