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Seton Programs


Fall/Winter Programs

2020 – 2021 Learn to Speed Skate at Brookfield Seton YMCA! Located in southeast Calgary, the Brookfield YMCA os one of Calgary’s newest sporting facilities and the largets YMCA in the world.

Prices are pro-rated when joining mid-program.

Intro at Seton

This program is for skaters between the ages of 6 – 12, and are new to speed skating. This program falls within the Fundamentals stage of development. The focus is on the basic foundation of speed skating, ensuring the development of proper speed skating techniques. This all accumulates into entering their first meet or race. Training will be at Rink A on Tuesday from 5:45pm-7:00pm. All program prices include skate rental.

Fall training runs from September 8th until December 15th. There will be a mini meet from 6pm-8pm on December 3rd.

Winter training runs from January 8th until March 15th. There will be a mini meet from 6pm-8pm on March 11th.

Full season training (both fall and winter) runs from Septmber 8th until March 15th – including both aforementioned mini meets.

1x per week

$395 (Fall)  /  $295 (Winter)  /  $640 (Both)

*includes skate rental