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Volunteering with CSSA


The Calgary Speed Skating Association is made up of more than skaters! Calgary Speed Skating Association includes skaters, coaches, a technical director, office manager, Board of Directors, staff and VOLUNTEERS!

The Calgary Speed Skating Association is committed to fostering an environment that values people who voluntarily offer their services in the activities of the Association (adopted from Speed Skating Canada Volunteer Policy) and relies heavily on our volunteers. Over the past 3 years, we have required over 4,500 volunteer hours each year, to successfully manage the programs and competitions that we run.

Current volunteer opportunities

New skates to be organized/inventoried, August 24 —

Skate Rental Pick-Up, August 29 —

Seasonal Mat Relocation, September 9 —

Please contact our VC of Volunteers for non-competition opportunities

How to Volunteer

A variety of volunteer opportunities will be offered throughout the season. These opportunities will be communicated to our members via email notification and/or updates to our volunteer website pages.

It is quick and easy, and we advise you to sign up early to have the most choices available for tasks and shifts being offered. A confirmation email is provided and due to the nature of the program, there may be possible changes or added information, so additional emails may follow.

If you are looking for hours, do not leave it to the last month! Contact our VC of Volunteers for assistance. One hour equals one credit.

Our main need for volunteers is on the days of the speed skating meets, but understand the struggle of multi children or other commitments. There are also opportunities that can be done while your child skates, leading up to a meet, or even providing food for the meets that all count towards your volunteer hours.

Speed Skating Meets

It takes a lot of volunteers to plan and execute a successful speed skating meet. Our skaters rely on your continued support! The following opportunities are available at our meets. There is lots of opportunities to volunteer opposite when your child is racing. For some, no experience is needed, while other require past experience. This will be marked on the sign up sheet. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend a Level One Officials Clinic prior to working at a sanctioned meet. Time spent at the clinic will count towards your total volunteer requirement. The clinic and times will be emailed out when they are scheduled.

Why should I volunteer?


〉  Allows our club to provide great events

 〉  Learn more about the sport of speed skating

 〉  Meet other parents and officials

〉  It’s fun to be a part of an event

〉  It’s rewarding to make a contribution

〉  Often provides a ring side viewing location

〉  Makes time pass quickly at a meet

〉  Helps keep speed skating costs down

Competition Opportunities


〉  Meet Coordinators

〉  Referees

〉  Starters

〉  Recorders

〉  Clerk of the Course

〉  Timers

〉  Place Judges

〉  Lap Recorders

〉  Track Stewards

〉  Announcers

〉  Runners

〉  Hosting

Description of Officials Positions

Non-competition Opportunities


〉  Skate rental (assisting with skate rental distribution in August)

〉  Casino (runs approximately every 2 years)

〉  Coaching (parents and skaters interested in coaching will be paired with a trained coach)

〉  Remember to have the coach sign off on your volunteer hours regularly

〉  Skater recruitment (events and/or information kiosks for the public)

〉  Committee member (become a committee member: committees are set up throughout the season to assist with key tasks for the association, for example: fundraising and grant writing)

〉  Equipment maintenance (work with our VC of Equipment)

〉  Administration (helping office staff and/or Meet Coordinator with various tasks prior to a competition)

〉  All Sports One Day (June event)

〉  Special Event assistant (purchase food, set up, clean up, etc. for club events such as Officials’ Clinics, the AGM, the Awards Gala, walk-in registration and other events as needed)

Volunteer Requirements

Like all sports organizations, speed skating relies heavily on volunteers to successfully meet the demands of the sport. Members of the Calgary Speed Skating Association are required to volunteer each season. Each skating member is required to provide 20 hours of volunteer service during the season. For a family with more than one skating member,each additional skating member adds 10 volunteer hours to a maximum of 40 volunteer hours.

Tracking Hours

Members are responsible for the completion and recording of their own volunteer hours. They are responsible for having their time verified by a meet coordinator, CSSA board member, staff, or coach that they may have assisted.

  • Volunteer hours are calculated to the end of the season (end of March).
  • Submissions must be submitted for verification to the VC of Volunteers.
  • Submit your completed volunteer hours as soon as possible after completing. This helps us in our season-end calculations.


  • Calgary Speed Skating Association members who skate with other programs, such as the Oval Pathway and do not use any CSSA ice times are not required to volunteer, but are strongly encouraged to volunteer.
  • Learn to Speed Skate and uncoached adult skaters are required to complete 10 hours of volunteer service.