Debby Fisher

Debby Fisher

Technical Director

Marika Nadal

Assistant Technical Director

Bella Salazar

Bella Salazar

Office Manager

Board of Directors

The Calgary Speed Skating Association Board of Directors is elected for a one year period during each AGM. The board is comprised of 5 executive members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Registrar and Past-President; and 7 Vice Chairs: Communications, Competitions, Development, Equipment, Marketing, Officials, and Volunteers.

Descriptions of the BOD positions can be found in the this document.

Current Executive Committee

President  /  Josie Daub

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Vice President  /  Robert Fenton

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Treasurer  /  Bart-Jan Jorna

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Registrar  /  Jeremy Gizen

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Past President  /  Vacant

Current Vice Chairs

VC of Communications  /  Madeline Sonik-Henderson

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VC of Competitions  /  Allison Hill

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VC of Development  /  Julie Eagers

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VC of Equipment  /  Justin de Vleig

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VC of Marketing  /  Heleen Erasmus

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VC of Officials  /  Paul Chateau

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VC of Volunteers  /  Brad Gilbert

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