Debby F.

Debby F.

Technical Director

Bella S.

Bella S.

Office Manager

Board of Directors

The Calgary Speed Skating Association Board of Directors is elected for a one year period during each AGM. The board is comprised of 5 executive members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Registrar and Past-President; and 7 Vice Chairs: Communications, Competitions, Development, Equipment, Marketing, Officials, and Volunteers.

Descriptions of the BOD positions can be found in the this document.

Current Executive Committee

President  /  Josie Daub

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Vice President  /  Robert Fenton

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Treasurer  /  Bart-Jan Jorna

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Registrar  /  Jeremy Gizen

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Past President  /  Vacant

Current Vice Chairs

VC of Communications  /  Madeline Sonik-Henderson

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VC of Competitions  /  Allison Hill

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VC of Development  /  Julie Eagers

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VC of Equipment  /  Justin de Vleig

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VC of Marketing  /  Heleen Erasmus

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VC of Officials  /  Paul Chateau

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VC of Volunteers  /  Brad Gilbert

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