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Hello CSSA,

Please read the message below from our VC of Equipment Brody Loster regarding skate rental returns:

“It’s coming up to skate return season which is great for golfers, hikers, and anyone else excited to move on from winter. First, we will not be hosting multiple return opportunities so please open Wednesday, March 30th into your calendar. I promise we only need you for 20min with all the volunteers who are going to help rifle you through the checkout.  A couple requests for fast skate return to the club so we can best destroy your deposit cheques that we’ve kept secure in our vault. 

To Do: We need them sharpened up like it’s your qualifier race day! Put in the extra 50 strokes please and deburr them so the next renter has a smile on their face instead of the alternative. If you’ve been using your own blades, please reinstall the club blades centered. Not everyone can pivot turn like Debbie! Tie them together and don’t forget to keep your skate guards. If we gave you some soft guards, we’d love to get them back instead of turning them into bike chain grease rags once the gravel gets swept off the shoulder. If we gave you a mouth guard, however… it’s yours to keep.

We are expecting to do a couple waves of returns to avoid the Disneyland lineup:

  • 6:00pm – 7:00pm Last Name A – K
  • 7:00pm – 8:00pm Last Name L – Z

We appreciate all this in advance!

Brody – that equipment guy (Nash and Tesla’s dad)”

For those of you that need to complete the last few hours of your volunteer commitment, here is a good opportunity. We need 6 volunteers to help Brody with the skate return.

Please sign up using the link below:

Seton skaters: please return your skates to Crispin at the last practice on Tuesday, March 22.