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2022 Special General Meeting (SGM):

The Special General Meeting (SGM) was held on Tuesday April 26. The following were elected to the 2022-23 Board of Directors.

President: Josie Daub

Vice-President: Brody Loster

Registrar: Alison McAdam

Treasurer: Todd Noseworthy

VC Competition: Ally Hill 

VC Officials: Connor Doud

VC Volunteers: Jean-François Robert

VC Equipment Greg Kendrick

VC Development: Linda Sanche

VC Marketing: Chrissy Craig

VC Communications: Madeline Sonik-Henderson

Casino on Saturday & Sunday June 4th & 5th:

This is our largest fundraiser by far, earning us around $70k every 2-3 years.  We are still missing numerous shifts.  The money raised at the casino is used for multiple years to fund our programs, equipment purchases and other club expenses. This year we are at the Cash Casino – 4040 Blackfoot Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4E6.

There is no experience necessary to volunteer for any of the roles at the casino. All volunteers are trained by the casino and the time you spend there is a good way to meet other CSSA parents / volunteers, and you get free meals! If you choose to volunteer both days, you MUST volunteer in the SAME role.  Please click the link below to see which vacancies we still need to fill:

Summer Program Registration:

The registration for the 2022 summer program offerings is now live on IceReg (see link below).  We remain committed to providing flexible programs to meet your needs. Training starts on May 16th for the Teen groups:!/events/1041-cssa-spring-summer-programs

CSSA Athletes/Coaches named to Canadian Team:

Congratulations to CSSA athletes Anna Bourgeois (Adult Coach) & Laura Hall (Teen 1 Coach) for being named to the NextGen Long Track Canadian Team as well as Jalen Doan being named to the National Junior Team.

Competition Results: 

Canadian Youth Long-Track (CYLT) April 14 -15, 2022 – Quebec City

Alberta sent a team of 32 skaters, including 20 from CSSA.  Sam Pollock was the Team Manager and Ryan Hickman was attending and helped out with equipment.  The skaters were supported by a great contingent of CSSA parents and volunteers.  CSSA skaters included (T2T is Train to Train):

T2T 11 Female: Jasmine Lazzari, 3rd

T2T 12 Female : Maxine Volstad, 2nd; Osa Chomiak, 4th; Cara Byrne, 16th

T2T 13 Female : Amelia Schepp, 1st; Isabelle Champagne, 2nd; Prabhnoor Grewal, 5th; Sophia Major, 8th; Grier Kellough, 9th; Maggie Breedlove, 11th

T2T 14 Female : Elise Prpich, 5th; Eloise Spence, 7th; Sophia Cross, 13th

T2T 12 Male: Angus Hicks, 9th

T2T 13 Male: Marek Chomin,1st; Erik Angelozzi, 4th; Nash Loster,16th

T2T 14 Male: Justin Aasen-Courtemanche, 10th (Note that Brock Gilbert was selected but unable to participate)

T2T 15 Male: Troy Davidson, 16th

CSSA Awards Gala was held on April 29 at the Calgary Winter Club with over 130 guests in attendance (thanks to Linda Sanche who is a member at the club).  Awards were presented to the top skater, most improved skater and best sportsmanship in each group as well as to those selected for the Youth Championship events.  Winners included:

Learn to Speed Skate

Best Skater: Amelia McAdam

Most Improved: Henley Vernet

Best Sportsmanship: Kaida Sy

Intro to Speed Skate

Best Skater: Ella Migliaccio

Most Improved: Anchita Maji

Best Sportsmanship: James Moran

Youth 1:

Best Skater: Saoirse McAdam

Most Improved: Tobias Lehmann

Best Sportsmanship: Ali Gilbert

Youth 2

Best skater: Nicholas Wang

Most improved: Caleb Wilkie

Best Sportsmanship: Huxley Marshall

Youth 3

Best Skater: Ryan Zheng 

Most Improved: Sadie Neil 

Best Sportsmanship: Henry Zhang 

Teen 1

Best Skater: Osa Chomiak

Most Improved: Connor Craig

Best Sportsmanship: Angus Hicks

Teen 2

Top Skater: Maxine Volstad

Most Improved: Troy Davidson

Best Sportmanship: Elise Prpich

Teen 3 – Short Track

Top Skater: Arman Virani

Most Improved: Drake MacMaster

Best Sportsmanship: Owen Palmer

Teen 3 – Long Track

Top Skater: Andre Erasmus

Most Improved: Valentina Moreno

Best Sportsmanship: Brock Gilbert

Adult – Short Track

Best Skater:  Katie Saunders

Roy Whitney Memorial Award (Sportsmanship): Louise Mackellar

(Friendly, encouraging, enthusiastic, energetic, committed, charitable, competitive, promoter of speed skating)

World Masters Record 1500m (Men’s 80+): Werner Meyer

World Masters Record 777m (Men 55-59): Robert Black

Adult – Long Track

Best Skater: Sylvain Coderre

Most Improved: Kunio Tsuyuhara 

Roy Whitney Memorial Award (Sportsmanship): Sarah Fleming 

Winners at Canadian Youth Long Track (CYLT) & Short Track (CYST)

Amelia Schepp – CYLT & CYST T2T 13

Jasmine Lazzari – CYST T2T 11

Maxine Volstad – CYST T2T 12

Marek Chomin – CYLT T2T 13

Other participants – Team Alberta 14 skaters at CYST & 20 skaters at CYLT

Marika Nadal (Head Coach CYST)

Sam Pollock (Team Manager CYLT)

Osa Chomiak

Cara Byrne

Isabelle Champagne

Prabhnoor Grewal

Sophia Major

Grier Kellough

Maggie Breedlove

Tatiana de Vlieg

Elise Prpich

Lewis Spence

Sophia Cross

Angus Hicks

Erik Angelozzi

Nash Loster

Brock Gilbert

Drake McMaster

Justin Aasen-Courtemanche

Troy Davidson