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Oval & Parking Pass Refunds: 

We have just received the amount of the refund the Oval will be sending CSSA.  It is based on the number of times per week as well as the date that athletes joined the program.  We are awaiting the amount of the refund for parking passes.  We will be offering families a refund by e-transfer or a credit towards next year’s programs.  More to come on this in a few weeks.

Skate Rental Return – Wednesday March 30 from 6:00-8:00 PM: 

Please make sure your skates are sharpened before returning.   Also, if you did not pick up your award badges or a medal from ABLT or RU Fast, please come and see us then.

6:00pm to 7:00pm last names A – K will return skates

7:00pm to 8:00pm last names L – Z will return skates

Special General Meeting (SGM) on Tuesday April 26 at 7:30 PM via Zoom: 

We will be holding our SGM to elect a new Board for the 2022-23 season and appoint two members to review the CSSA financials as of June 30, 2022.  The Board & staff will also present how the season went and host a question and answer session.  To register, please email Isabella Salazar at

Casino on Saturday & Sunday June 4 & 5:

This is our largest fundraiser by far, earning us around $70k every 2-3 years.  Please sign-up for a shift If you are available:

 This is a great way to finish off any missing volunteer hours.  Note that volunteer cheques WILL be cashed in April if families do not fulfill their volunteer hours.  

Congratulations to Laura Hall & Jalen Doan:

Laura Hall (CSSA athlete & Teen 1 coach) was the Canadian Junior National Champion for 2022 and also broke the National Junior record for the 5,000m.  Her new record of 7:11.57 bested the record formerly held by Isabelle Weidemann (Olympic gold medallist) by 3 seconds.  What an accomplishment!  Jalen Doan was also crowned 2nd overall at the Canadian Junior National Championships.

Personal Bests, Rankings and Badges :  

The Speed Skating Alberta website has the following information:

Personal Bests Database:

This database has a history of all skaters and their personal best times for the last few years.  It is updated after each meet.

Skater Rankings:

Rankings are available for each of the last 6 competitive seasons, for all skaters from Juniors, Train to Train (Female 11 – 14; Male 12 – 15) and the Learn to Train (Female 9-10 and Male 10-11).

Performance Badge Program:

This database lists each skater and what badge level they have achieved. The badges are a reward program (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Green, Red & White) for achieving certain time standards, with Gold being the fastest time standard and the white badge being for participating in your first competition.  Badges for the year have been distributed to skaters.  If you are missing yours, please see us at skate rental pick-up.  For more information and for the time standards, please refer to:

CSSA Awards Gala:

CSSA awards Gala will be held starting at 6 PM on May 6, 2022 at the Red & White Club (MacMahon Stadium).  Awards will be presented to the top skater, most improved skater and best sportsmanship in each group as well as to those selected for the Youth Championship events. More details will be coming soon.

Competition Results:  

Congratulations to all our skaters – great performances & many personal bests.  Here are the CSSA skaters achieving the top 3 in each division.

RU Fast March. 5-6, 2022 – South Ice (Hockey Rink)

Division 1: Female: Felicia Robert, 1st; Abigail Marr, 2nd

Division 1: Male: Olivier Louis-Seize, 1st; Bradley Li, 2nd; Matthew Wilson, 3rd

Division 2: Female: Sadie Neil, 3rd

Division 3: Male: Simon Gidrewicz, 1st; Nicholas Wang, 2nd

Division 4: Male: Jacob Stephanson, 2nd;  Joshua Yung, 3rd

Division 5: Male: Lucas Gidrewicz, 1st

Division 6: Male: August Tobman, 1st; Thomas Wilton, 3rd

Division 7: Female: Saoirse McAdam, 2nd; Ali Gilbert, 3rd

Division 7: Male: Joel Lough, 1st

Division 8: Male: Tobias Lehmann, 3rd

Division 9: Female: Ella Migliaccio, 1st; Grace Schmidt, 2nd 

RU Fast March. 5-6, 2022 – North Ice (Speed Skating Rink)

Division 1: Female: Tatiana de Vlieg, 2nd

Division 1: Male: Arman Virani, 1st; Marek Chomin, 2nd; Andre Erasmus, 3rd

Division 2: Female: Maxine Volstad, 1st; Eloise Spence, 2nd; Prabhnoor Grewal, 3rd

Division 2: Male: Caleb Chan, 3rd

Division 3: Female: Claire Fenton, 1st; Grier Kellough, 2nd

Division 3: Male: Connor Craig, 2nd

Division 4: Male: Troy Davidson, 2nd

Division 5: Female: Eleri de Vlieg, 2nd; Isabel Erasmus, 3rd

Division 5: Male: Ryan Zheng, 1st; Christopher Kendrick, 2nd; Henry Zhang, 3rd

Division 6: Female: Cara Byrne, 1st

Canadian Youth Short-Track (West) March. 26-27 2022 – Selkirk, Manitoba

Alberta sent a team of 38 skaters, including 14 from CSSA.  Marika Nadal was the Head Coach and Ryan Hickman was attending and helped out with equipment.  The skaters were supported by a great contingent of CSSA parents and volunteers.  CSSA skaters included:

T2T 11 Female: Jasmine Lazzari, 1st

T2T 12 Female : Maxine Volstad, 1st; Osa Chomiak, 6th

T2T 13 Female : Amelia Schepp, 1st; Isabelle Champagne, 3rd; Prabhnoor Grewal, 4th; Grier Kellough, 10th; Maggie Breedlove, 11th

T2T 14 Female : Tatiana de Vlieg, 3rd; Elise Prpich, 5th; Eloise Spence, 6th 

T2T 13 Male: Marek Chomin, 2nd; Erik Angelozzi, 6th

T2T 14 Male: Drake MacMaster, 5th

Masters International Short-Track (MIST) March. 26-27, 2022 – Calgary

The MIST organizing Committee organized a world-class event at the Oval with 29 Masters records broken.  Below are the CSSA participants:

Women 30-34: Kathryn Saunders, 2nd

Women 60-64: Louise MacKellar, 3rd

Men 50-54: Guy Bushell, 2nd

Men 55-59: Robert Black (competing for Australia), 1st; Patrick Seltsam, 2nd

Men 80-84: Werner Meyer, 1st

Special kudos to Robert Black for a world age class record in the 777m and Werner Meyer for a world age-class record in the 1500m.


March 30                      Skate rental return from 6-8 PM

April 14-15                   Canadian Youth Long-Track (CYLT) Quebec City, QC

April 26                         CSSA Special General Meeting via Zoom

May 6                          CSSA Awards Gala at Red & White Club

June 4-5                        CSSA Casino at Cash Casino