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Ordering Skinsuits for September 2022:

With the current supply chain issues, we will be ordering skinsuits for the club by July 1st.  We currently have the following sizes on hand to use to try on or which can also be purchased for $420 for the Kevlar suits (required for competitions for ages 11 and above). CSSA inventory is as follows:

Tracksuit – Youth large $100

Sweatshirts – $50 each: Youth (1 medium; 2 large; 1 XL); Men (1 small; 2 medium; 2 large; 1 XL); Women (2 small; 2 medium; 3 large)

Skinsuits – Non-Kevlar (1 medium)Kevlar (3 small; 1 medium; 2 XL)

To purchase any of these items, please bring cash, cheque or make an e-transfer to and let Madeline know at As there is weight training from 6-7 PM on Mondays & Wednesdays, we can be there during those times. We are looking at moving to an on-line store for all clothing, except skinsuits in the Fall of 2022.

Staffing Changes:

As part of the CSSA succession plan, Marika Nadal & Debby Fisher will be changing some of their responsibilities for 2022-23. Marika Nadal will be the Head Coach and will assume the leadership, hiring coaches, taking the lead with our key partners, liaising with the Teen groups and parents, etc. Debby Fisher will be the Advising Director & Youth Lead. She will focus on the Youth groups, including leading the try speed skating sessions, mentoring the youth coaches, liaising with the Youth groups and parents, helping further develop the Seton location, etc.

Summer Program Registration:

The registration for the 2022 summer program offerings is on-going on IceReg (see link below).  We remain committed to providing flexible programs to meet your needs. Training started on May 16th for the Teen groups and June 1 for the Youth groups:!/events/1041-cssa-spring-summer-programs

Summer Camps at the Oval:

The 2022 Summer and Masters Speed Camps will be held July 18-23, 2022.

Summer Speed is a speed skating camp for skaters 5-18 years old who want to improve their on-ice technical skills. This camp is open to all children who are registered Speed Skating Canada athletes (i.e. CSSA members). The camp includes on-ice training, off-ice skating imitation training, and circuit training in a sporting games environment. Skaters should be prepared to participate in both disciplines by following the LTPAD (Long Term Participant Athlete Development). Camp includes up to two ice sessions per day, off-ice exercises, activities, and an AMAZING T-shirt.

Masters Speed is a speed skating camp for adult speed skaters who want to experience an elite training environment at the Olympic Oval. This camp is open to all skaters who are registered Speed Skating Canada athletes. There is no better way to improve your speed and skating skills than on The Fastest Ice in the World™. Participants must be current members of a speed skating organization and must be 18+. The camp includes up to two ice sessions & 1 seminar per day and interaction with certified coaches.

For additional info & registration, see:

Speed Skating Alberta Camps: 

The Summit Performance Camp in August is full and no longer accepting registrations.

AB HUB Athlete By Design Mini Camp 3.0 – Edmonton July 6 – 10

July 6-10: 13+ (faster 12 year olds)

July 9/10: 8-12 yrs

Registration link: AB HUB Athlete By Design Camp 3.0 – Edmonton | New Dashboard | IceReg

Registration for the 2022-2023 season:

Registration is currently in the process of being built and will be ready by the end of June. Skaters will be receiving an email in the next week or so, advising them of their recommended group placement for the 2022-23 season. We do not anticipate any significant changes to the ice schedule for 2022-23. Note that group names have changed as follows:

Group A will have Teen 3 ice times – 4x weekly

Group B will have Teen 2 ice times – 4x weekly

Youth C will have Teen 1 ice times – 3x weekly

Youth D will have Youth 3 ice times – 3x weekly

Youth E will have Youth 2 ice times – up to 3x weekly

Youth F will have Youth 1 ice times – up to 3x weekly

Try Speed Skating for the 2022-2023 season:

Have friends or family that would like to try speed skating?  Our first session will be held on Saturday July 23, 2022 from 1:30 – 3:00 PM with registration on IceReg per link below & other sessions will be held in conjunction with Sport Calgary August 20-21, 2022 (with registration on!/events/try-speed-skating-2022