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July Update from the Board

Special General Meeting (SGM): The SGM was held on Monday June 21. The following positions were elected for a 2-year term ending in June 2023:

Vice-President: Bob Fenton

Treasurer: Bart Jorna

VC Development: Julie Egers

VC Communications: Madeline Sonik-Henderson

VC Marketing: Heleen Erasmus

The following position was elected for a one-year term, the 2nd year of a term ending in June 2022:

VC Equipment: Brody Loster

The following positions are continuing the 2nd year of their term ending in June 2022:

President: Josie Daub

Registrar: Jeremy Gizen

VC Officials: Paul Chateau

VC Competitions: Allison Hill

VC Volunteers: Brad Gilbert

Congratulations to all Board members!  We would like to thank Justin de Vlieg for his outstanding contributions as a CSSA Board member in both VC Equipment & VC Officials positions, over the last few years.  Justin has now taken on a position as VP Membership at Speed Skating Alberta (SSA).

Registration for Fall & Winter Programs:  We will be using a new registration program, called IceReg.  This will be the standard registration program for all speed skating clubs across Canada, as mandated by Speed Skating Canada.  Registration will open in early July and detailed instructions on the process will be coming soon.  With the new system, our normal registration process is a little delayed.  We have excellent news – FEES WILL REMAIN THE SAME – NO PRICE INCREASES for the 2021-22 season.  There will also be a $50 early bird discount for registrations prior to July 31, 2021.

Stage 3 Procedures: We are still awaiting to hear from the Oval and the University of Calgary regarding the Stage 3 procedures.  We will let you know as soon as we receive them.  Thank you for your patience.

Try Speed Skating sessions: With the anticipated relaxations coming in Stage 3, we will be resuming Try Speed Skating sessions in July & August.  Encourage your friends to try it out!  Sessions will be held on the following Saturday afternoons at the Oval: July 17, August 14 & 28.  Cost will be NIL – as we expecting grants to cover the costs.  There will be 2 groups: Group 1: younger kids (45 minutes) 10 & under; Group 2: older kids and more experienced skaters (45 minutes) 10 & over.


Group 1

1:00 PM: participants arrive, get fitted for skates

1:20 PM: short briefing to parents & skaters

1:30 PM: on ice

2:15 PM: exit ice, short debrief with parents, return skates

Group 2

2:45 PM: participants arrive, get fitted for skates

3:05 PM: short briefing to parents & skaters

3:15 PM: on ice

4:00 PM: exit ice, short debrief with parents, return skates