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·       New CSSA website: check out our new, updated website!  New look, new logo and a huge thank you to coach Scott (Y3) for all his work.  A few items are still a work in progress (such as personal bests) but we hope to have these completed in a few weeks.

·       Canmore competition results on Dec. 7:  Top 3 in the 200m & 400m include:

Division 1: Arman Virani: 1st in 200; Andre Erasmus: 2nd in 400; Sandeep Varnasooriya: 3rd in 400

Division 2: Isabelle Champagne 1st in 200; Cecile Ferraro 2nd in 200 & 1st in 400; Brock Gilbert: 3rdin 400

Division 3: Jillian Somers: 1st in 200; Camille Alford: 2nd in 400

Division 4: Justin Aasen-Courtemanche: 1st in 200; Maxine Volstad: 2nd in 400; Craig Connor: 3rd in 400

Division 5: Angus Hicks: 2nd in 200; Troy Davidson: 3rd in 200; Christopher Kendrick: 3rd in 400 

Division 6: Jacob Somers: 1st in 400

Division 7: Janelle Somers: 2nd in 200 & 3rd in 400; Mithru Narayan Naidu, 1st in 400

Division 8: Cara Byrne: 1st in 200; Bradley Li: 1st in 400; Nicholas Wang: 2nd in 400; Terrence Huang: 3rd in 400

·       Edmonton Winter Classic results (long-track) on Dec. 14: Medal winners include:

Division 3: Andre Erasmus: 2nd

Division 4: Claire Fenton: 2nd; Amelia Schepp : 3rd 

Division 5: Keara Jorna: 1st ; Sophia Cross: 2nd

Division 6: Grace Gizen: 2nd

Division 7: Kaija Hawkins: 2nd

·       Edmonton Junior meet on January 2nd: Top CSSA skaters include:

Division 1: Camille Alford: 5th and Jillian Somers: 7th

·       Alberta Long-Track (ABLT) hosted by CSSA: A huge thank you to Kim Paterson, our meet coordinator and Lee Diebert, our VC Competition for all their work, as well as all the parents and skaters that volunteered. The meet was a great success thanks to all.  Medal winners include:

Group 1 (Open)

            Junior Female: Laura Hall, 1st; Zoe Lueders, 2nd ; Kendra Hawkins, 3rd

Group 2 (Train to Train)

            T2T Female 11-12:  Tatiana DeVlieg, 1st; Jasmine Bao, 2nd; Amelia Schepp, 3rd

            T2T Female 13-14: Maya Lueders, 1st

            T2T Male 12-13: Jalen Doan, 1st

            T2T Male 14-15: Andre Erasmus: 3rd

Group 3 (Learn to Train & Fundamentals)

Division 1: Girls: Jasmine Lazzari, 1st; Osa Chomiak, 3rd ; Boys: Erik Angelozzi, 1st

Division 2: Girls : Eleri DeVlieg, 1st ; Reese Adams, 2nd ; Abigail Marr, 3rd

Division 3: Girls: Cara Byrne, 1st; Sadie Neil, 3rd; Boys: Willem Pitstra, 1st; Peter Pitstra, 2nd

Division 4: Girls: Kaija Hawkins, 1st; Johanna Pitstra, 2nd; Boys: Lucas Gill, 1st; Jacob Stephanson, 2nd

·       CSSA Athletes selected to Alberta Winter Games (Long-track Feb. 14-17, Airdrie, AB): 

Zone 2 (Outside Calgary city limits)

Female: Addison Bowie, Isabel Erasmus, Grace Gizen, Amelia Schepp

Male: Marek Chomin, Andre Erasmus, Brock Gilbert, Thomas Kapocsi, Nash Loster

Zone 3 (Within Calgary city limits)

Female: Jasmine Bao, Isabelle Champagne, Tatiana DeVlieg, Sophia Cross, Claire Fenton, Keara Jorna, Grier Kellough, Elise Prpich, Eloise Spence, Margaret Breedlove, Amelia Perkins, Cecile Ferraro, Maya Lueders

Male: Adam Al Seafan, Caleb Chan, Cameron Hofer, Daniel Hall, Sandeep Varnasooriya, Arman Virani

·       Looking for billet family July-August 2020: for an 18-year old boy.  Please contact Laurie at

  • World Cup tickets & promo February 7-8, 2020 at the Oval: Watch the world’s best long-track skaters!  CSSA will be looking to sell tickets at a discount with a promo code Tickets are $5 Juniors/$15 Adults (more details to come).

  • Photos have arrived!: Most have been distributed but if you have not received yours, please stop by the CSSA office to pick it up. (Monday to Friday between 5:00 – 8:00 PM).

·       Casino December 26-27, 2019 at Cash Casino: A huge thank you to all those that volunteered. It was a very successful casino and we should receive our proceeds in the Spring.  

·       Upcoming Important Dates which are also on our public calendar 

Jan. 18 – 26: All Sport One Week – Try Speed Skating for adults with Sport Calgary

Tuesday February 4: Clare Fewster, sports psychologist, room 54 (final session)

February 5 – 9: World Cup – no CSSA practice

Monday February 17: Family Day – no CSSA practice

Sunday February 23: Oval competition – no CSSA practice

·       Competition Calendar: is available on the Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association website: .  Registration for all events are through RAMP.  Key events for CSSA skaters:

·       January 1819: Red Deer long-track (qualifier) (outdoor)

·       January 25: Rocky Mountain House meet

·       February 89: Long-track youth championships, Red Deer

·       February 15 – 18: Alberta Winter Games

·       March 78: CSSA RU Fast at the Oval

·       March 21: West Edmonton Mall meet

·       March 2829: Can West in Manitoba