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Canadian Long Track Junior World Championships Team: 

Congratulations to the CSSA athletes who qualified for the team and will be heading to Dresden Germany on January 27-29th, 2023. CSSA is very proud of your accomplishments.

WomenMaya Lueders

MenYankun Zhao, Jalen Doan, Daniel Hall

Junior World & Canada Winter Games Team Send-Off: 

We will be doing a team send-off on Tuesday January 24 at 6:00 – 6:15 PM at the Oval, in the inner field by the stairs. Come & cheer these athletes, take some photos and skate a lap with some of the best Juniors in Canada.

Coaching Assignments for Canada Winter Games: 

Congratulations to CSSA coach, Ryan Hickman, for being named Team Manager of the Canada Winter Games Short Track team. 

Congratulations to Chloe Cameron – Junior British Champion:

Chloe is a British athlete who trains with the A Group. She recently won the Junior British Short Track Championships.

Congratulations to Laura Hall (Group B Coach & National Team Athlete):

Laura set a new track record winning first place in the 3000m at the World University Games in Lake Placid in January 2023.

Individual & Group Photos will be on Tuesday January 24:

Note that groups D & E will have small changes to their long-track schedule to accommodate.

Photo Schedule
GroupOn-ice# of skatersPhoto time
Youth D5:50 – 6:50 LT185:15 – 6:00
Youth E5:50 – 6:50 LT145:15 – 6:00
Youth C6:30 – 7:30 ST215:15 – 6:00
CWG & Junior World Team Send-Off 6:00 – 6:15
Overflow for Youth D, E & C6:15 – 6:30
Group B7:45 – 9:00 ST276:30 – 7:00
Youth F6:00 – 7:00 ST/LT237:00 – 7:30
Group A6:30 – 8:00 LT288:00 – 8:20

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A huge thank you to the Casino Superheroes:

The following members dropped everything at the last minute to work at a casino on January 13th and 14th. CSSA is hoping to get $30-$35k from these efforts when casino moneys are disbursed for the quarter in June 2023. Thank you to: Greg Wilson, Marcia Gilbert, Qiaowang Li, Christopher Brovald, Linda Sanche, Brody Loster, Erin Thomson, Marie Dvorakova, Krista Phillips, Michael Sy, Debashis Maji, Greg Neil, Gavin Zheng, Yan Song, Patrick Seltsam, Salma Jaffer, Gray Jordan, Arundel Spence, Gina Bewski, and Leanne Bettesworth.

Competition Results: 

Congratulations to our CSSA winners:

Alberta Long Track on January 7-8, 2023


Female: Lauren Pollock, 1st

Male: Ian Dwyer, 3rd


Female 14: Julianne Lazzari, 1st; Maggie Breedlove, 2nd; Zimu Wang, 3rd

Female 15+: Tatiana de Vlieg, 1st

Male 14: Marek Chomin, 1st; Erik Angelozzi, 3rd


Female 13: Maxine Volstad, 1st; Osa Chomiak, 2nd

Female 12: Jasmine Lazzari, 3rd

Female 11: Felicia Robert, 3rd

Male 12: Henry Zhang, 1st

Male 11: Jiaqi (Rikki) Lin, 1st


Division 1 Male: Joshua Yung, 1st; Nicholas Wang, 2nd

Division 2 Female: Grace McGee, 1st; Grace Schmidt, 2nd; Alexa Jessee, 3rd

Division 2 Male: Lucas Kroczak, 2nd; James Moran, 3rd

Division 3 Female: Ali Gilbert, 2nd; Saoirse McAdam, 3rd

Division 4 Female: Cate Jackson, 2nd

Division 5 Male: Zack Rasmussen, 1st; Skylar Li, 3rd

Wotherspoon Open Outdoor Long Track – Jan. 14-15, 2023

A shout-out to the Hicks family for hosting a tailgate BBQ with delicious burgers!


Female: Julianne Lazzari, 2nd

Male 15+: Justin Aasen-Courtemanche, 3rd

Male 14: Marek Chomin, 1st; Nash Loster, 2nd

Youth Female: 

13 yrs: Maxine Volstad, 1st; Osa Chomiak, 2nd

11 yrs: Felicia Robert: 1st

Youth Male: 

13 yrs: Madden Thomson, 3rd

12 yrs: Henry Zhang, 2nd; Connor Craig, 3rd

11 yrs: Jiaqi (Rikki) Lin, 1st

Competition Schedule

Jan. 28: Rocky Mountain House Competition – Lime Series #4

Feb. 4-5: Canadian Youth Long Track Championships (CYLT) – Fort St-John, BC

Feb. 25-26: CSSA Competition RU Fast – Oval, Calgary

Mar. 4-5: Edmonton Competition – Lime Series #5 & CYST Qualifier/Season Finale

Mar. 25-26: Canadian Youth Short Track Championships (CYST) – Saskatoon, SK