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As announced, we are finally able to complete the skate return for the 2019-2020 season and the rental for the upcoming season. If you have a pair of CSSA skates, or need a pair this season, please read through below:

Firstly, for those who have an existing pair of skates that still fits your skater, please keep them. We do however need to track who you are, so complete this form. Only complete the form if you are keeping the skates you have today:
You still need to pay a $250 cheque deposit for the upcoming season.

For those who have skates they want to return to get bigger skates, you will need to firstly return the skates and then rent a new pair. We will not be doing swaps on either day. Please read the RETURN section below as well as the RENTAL section

For those who merely want to return skates, you only need to read the RETURN section.

For those who want to rent but have no CSSA skates today, please read the RENTAL.

RETURN: The skate return will be held Thursday the 27th August outside the Olympic oval North Entrance from 5pm to 6pm. Please ensure your skates are ready for the next skater. They should have a good set of laces, the blades sharpened if possible and personal guard removed. It will be helpful to tie the skates together with a bow in the laces so the pair stays together. We will not have time to go through all the skates prior to the RENTAL next week, so however they come back they will go out. If you have found an issue with the skates that needs attention, let whoever collects the skates know and we will flag them for repair. Drop off should be very quick. In order to make it even smoother, there are only two pieces of information we need. We would like confirmation of the skater who used the skates and the bar code number on the bottom of the skates. We can scan in the barcode number, but if a legible note of the skater’s name is attached to the skates, you can simply drop and go. Once the entire return is complete we will work through the list of outstanding skates and deal with last season’s deposit cheques at that stage. On a side note we will need 4 volunteer helpers to collect the skates and carry them to the storage in the Oval. A volunteer sign up sheet is available in the links below.

RENTAL: Skate rental will happen this year inside the Oval on the North side of the running track from 5-7pm on the 1st of September.In order to limit the number of people in the building at one time and respect social distancing, time slots have been organized based on the skater’s last name:

o   5:00 – 5:30: Last names starting with A to D

o   5:30 – 6:00: Last names starting with E to L

o   6:00 – 6:30: Last names starting with M to R

o   6:30 – 7:00: Last names starting with S to Z

Prior to renting a pair there are a couple things to complete. For Youth Skaters, a deposit cheque will need to be deposited with the club prior to collecting the skates. This will be setup as part of the flow. For Teen skaters, a skate rental fee applies and this needs to be paid prior to coming in to rent. Once this is paid, a deposit still needs to be dropped off before the skates are collected. 

We will set up a number of fitting stations to try on skates. Unlike in years past volunteers will not help getting skates on, but parents will need to assist their kids. The volunteers will be happy to provide advice from a safe distance. Trying on skates can be time consuming to find the right fit, so please be patient as we work through getting everyone into the best pair we can. After each trying, skates that are not a good fit will be disinfected and put back. Skates that have been disinfected with an alcohol spray may come back out damp because of this. Please bear with us as we ensure everyone’s safety. 

Once a pair is selected, come over to the desk where the skates will be scanned and the name of the skater recorded.Once this is completed, please exit the building as there is a limit to the numbers we can have inside. I know many of the kids will be happy to see friends again, but if the catch-up conversations can happen outside once everything is complete, that will be most helpful.

Again, we do need Volunteers, please sign up using the links below:

Return link:

Rental link: