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The IceReg registration portal is now live, and we are ready to accept your registration for the 2022/2023 Fall and Winter Season. Please take the time to read the following information carefully so you understand what to expect for this season and how to have a smooth registration process.


Save $50 on full season programs if you register before July 31, 2022.


Family Sunday Skate Program: 

A new family program has been added on Sunday mornings from 10:20 – 11:20 AM. This will allow parents to skate at the same time as their kids on the long-track ice. Debby Fisher will be leading this program.

Safe Sport: 

Every family (a minimum of 1 adult or guardian per family) will be required to take the Safe Sport training prior to the start of the season in September. It is free online training and takes about 1.5 hours. More information can be found at

Changes to Adult Short Track Program:

The third Adult Short Track ice time will be in conjunction with Group B instead of Saturdays. Also, there is an option of doing a mixed ST & LT program, i.e., 2 days of LT with 1 day of ST or vice versa.

Fee Changes: 

CSSA has not increased fees in over 5 years, while the facility costs have increased every year. As a result, we will be increasing fees nominally for the Seton programs ($10-$20), Youth programs that are 3x weekly ($50), Teen programs (Groups A & B) and Adult programs ($50-$100). Program costs for participants skating 1x or 2x weekly have not increased. Speed Skating Alberta (SSA) has also increased prices by $5 in all categories. Speed Skating Canada (SSC) has not increased fees. See attached document for a summary of program costs.

Skate Rentals and Parking Passes: 

Will be available in IceReg at a later date. Skate rentals are INCLUDED in program costs for all Youth Groups (C, D, E & F). Skate rentals are only required for those in Groups A and B that wish to rent short track skates.

Skaters new to CSSA: 

New Youth Skaters to CSSA wishing to skate 3x weekly should register in Youth Group F if they are under 10 years old. If they are 10 and over, they should register in Youth Group E. New skaters can also choose to skate 1x weekly (register for Learn to Speed Skate or L2SS) or 2x weekly (register for Intro to Speed Skate or I2SS). Skaters in L2SS and I2SS will be grouped with Youth E & F groups and can choose any of the ice times for those groups (we are flexible). During the first three week, skaters will be evaluated and may be moved based on age and ability. New Adult skaters without any speed skating background are encouraged to try long track first. Should you have any questions about group placement, please contact Head Coach Marika Nadal at


The tentative Ice Schedule remains essentially the same as last year – see attached.

Installment Payments

All Oval year-long programs will be 50% payable upon registration and 50% payable October 31, 2022.

Three Payments will appear on your credit card: one from CSSA, one from SSA and one from SSC.  

Volunteers, Coaches & Officials: 

In addition to registering your skater(s) for club programs, two parents/guardians must also be registered as volunteers (or coaches or officials) by selecting “Add a Participant” for all skaters under 18 years. A common mistake last year was registering the skater as a volunteer instead of the parent or guardian. This is required for insurance purposes as parents volunteer at competitions, casinos, on-ice, placing and removing mats, etc. If a parent/guardian is an accredited coach or official, the parent/guardian will register as such and not as a volunteer. An official or coach will be a little more than a volunteer membership. If you are a single parent/guardian family, then just register one volunteer (or coach or official). Individuals who no longer have skaters in the club may also register as volunteers, officials, and coaches in IceReg. Adult skaters (18+) do not need to register any volunteers.  

Membership Categories

Club Membership

Included in the fees of CSSA programs is a Club Membership from SSC & SSA for membership and insurance purposes. It is mandatory and will automatically be added to your Cart in IceReg. The Club Membership is for skaters participating in recreational, introductory and club programming and/or participating in regional and club level competitions.  

Provincial Athlete Membership:  

This membership is required to participate in Canadian Youth Championships. Athletes who qualify for those events will have this membership added on later in the season by Speed Skate Alberta and will be required to pay the supplement at that time.  

National Athlete Membership

This membership is required for skaters participating in Senior or Junior Canadian Championships, Canada Cups or Canada Winter Games. Unlike the Club Membership, parents/guardians do not register as volunteers. Athletes training with Oval Elite Speed Skating programs must purchase a National Athlete Membership.

Waivers and Code of Conduct are also included from Speed Skating Alberta and Speed Skating Canada.


The Seton YMCA will continue to host short track training and mini-meets on Tuesdays between 5:00 – 7:00 PM. Depending on registration numbers, age and ability, skaters will be placed in a group from 5-6 PM and another from 6-7 PM.  The season will be as follows:

– Fall Session: Tuesday Sept. 6, 2022, to Tuesday Dec. 13, 2022, with a mini-meet to be held on Thursday December 1, 2022, from 6:00-8:00 PM.

– There is a two week break at Christmas, so no classes on December 20 & 27

– Winter Session: Tuesday January 3, 2023, to Tuesday March 14, 2023, with a mini-meet to be held on Thursday March 9, 2023, from 6:00-8:00 PM.

– The Full Season session would include both the Fall & Winter sessions.



Registration is now live on IceReg. Please use this link to register:!/events/calgary-speed-skating-association-20222023

Step 1:  

Click on the Link above and register your skater (s) in IceReg in the desired program based on the program recommendation you received from the CSSA just recently.  Early bird prices end on July 31, 2022.  If you are new to CSSA, please register in Youth Groups E or F (3x weekly), Intro to Speed Skate (2x weekly) or Learn to Speed Skate (1x weekly).

Step 2:  

Register two parents/guardians as volunteers (or coaches or officials) by selecting “Add a Participant” for all skaters under 18 years.

Step 3:  

Review your registration receipt to ensure your skater (s) is registered in the correct program and that parents are also registered as volunteers, officials, or coaches. Please contact us if you have any issues.

Step 4:  

If you have not already done so through another sport, complete the online safe sport training

(one adult per family) prior to the season start in September on the following website: