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SGM – Board of Directors for 2023-2024:

President:  Josie Daub

Vice-President: Brody Loster

Treasurer: Todd Noseworthy

Registrar: Alison McAdam

VC Communication: Madeline Sonik-Henderson

VC Equipment: Greg Kendrick

VC Volunteers: Christa Burry

VC Development: Linda Sanche

VC Marketing: Chrissie Craig

For the 2023-24 season, CSSA is looking for someone who will take on the key role of VC – Competition. This role oversees the competition committee which organizes Alberta Long Track (ABLT) and RU Fast competitions. There is a detailed manual for this position which provides instructions on every step of the way. Should you be interested or require more information, please contact Josie Daub directly at

Congratulations to all our Award Winners for 2022-23 Presented at the Gala on April 14:

Alberta Team – Canadian Youth Short Track & Long Track 2022-2023

Manager CYLT – Ryan Hickman

Head Coach CYST – Marika Nadal

Félicia Robert

Charlotte Perkins

Sadie Neil

Kate Folmer

Katie Noseworthy

Maxine Volstad

Osa Chomiak

Jiaqi (Ricky) Lin

Connor Craig

Henry Zhang

Angus Hicks

Madden Thomson

Alberta Team – Canadian Youth Short Track 2022-2023

Mathew Wilson

Alberta Team – Canadian Youth Long Track 2022-2023

Cara Byrne

Alberta Team – Junior Open Short Track 2022-2023

Lewis Spence

Sophia Major

Maggie Breedlove

Sophia Cross 

Julianne Lazzari

Zimu Wang

Lucy Anderson

Erik Angelozzi

Marek Chomin

Adult Short Track 2022-2023

Best Skater – Ian Smibert

Most Improved – Qiaowang (Roy) Li 

Best Sportsmanship – Caleb Chan

Adult Long Track 2022-2023

Best Skater – Jason Abbott

Most Improved – Cody van Rassel

Best Sportsmanship – Sarah Fleming

Group A Short Track 2022-2023

Best Skater – Maxine Volstad

Most Improved – Justin Aasen-Courtemanche

Best Sportsmanship – Lewis Spence

Group A Long Track 2022-2023

Best Skater – Erik Angelozzi

Most Improved – Maggie Breedlove

Best Sportsmanship – Osa Chomiak 

Group B 2022-2023

Best Skater – Female – Julianne Lazzari

Best Skater – Male – Henry Zhang

Most Improved – Ana Monroy

Best Sportsmanship – Angus Hicks 

Youth C 2022-2023

Best Skater – ShangXuan (Jaqueline) Zheng

Most Improved – Quinn Jacobsen

Best Sportsmanship – Joel Lough

Youth D 2022-2023

Best Skater – James Moran

Most Improved – Alexa Jessee

Best Sportsmanship – Anchita Maji

Youth E 2022-2023

Best Skater: Ian Anderson

Most Improved: Sabrina Marcoux

Best Sportsmanship: Parker Budyk

Youth F 2022-2023

Best Skater – Amelia McAdam

Most Improved – Ingrid Macleod

Best Sportsmanship – Clark Unwin 

Coach of the Year 2022-2023 

Janie Green