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Hello everyone,

CSSA needs volunteers to work at a Casino every two years. The casino is CSSA’s MAJOR Fundraiser. The money raised at the casino is used for multiple years to fund our programs, equipment purchases and other club expenses. It is vital that we have a successful Casino this year to help fund the 2022-2023 operating budgets. This year we are at the Cash Casino – 4040 Blackfoot Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4E6.

There is no experience necessary to volunteer for any of the roles at the casino. All volunteers are trained by the casino and the time you spend there is a good way to meet other CSSA parents / volunteers, and you get free meals! Do not be afraid of any of the positions; all the jobs are easy to do and you will always have a Casino staff person helping you. If you choose to volunteer both days, you MUST volunteer in the SAME role. Please review the attached forms for more details on each position and the shift times to expect. 

As mentioned, dinner and snacks are provided.

Please click the link below to see which vacancies we need to fill:

We need to show that we have all volunteer positions filled in order to reach final approval for our Casino. Please sign up ASAP. Everyone signing up for a shift also needs to fill out an additional form & email by April 1st.

We look forward to your help in making this a successful casino!