Drop-In to Speed Skating


Come and drop-in on speed skating, one of Canada’s most successful sports at the Olympics!

To drop-in, please register 72h in advance:

  1. Click on the Register button to take you to RAMP Registrations
  2. Select: Fall/Winter 2019-2020
  3. Choose division: Drop-in coached or noncoached, and pick the package available to be purchased with the lowest number (i.e. Drop-in Fee un-coached 1)
  4. Send an email to our Registrar¬†with the date you’d like to drop in, so the Olympic Oval – Guest Services are informed
  5. Send an email to our VC of Equipment if you would like to rent skates
What Should I Bring/Wear?

A helmet (hockey, snowboarding, ski)

Cycling helmets NOT allowed

Leather gloves

Long sleeve shirt

Long pants

Highly recommended are:

Knee pads (soft, volleyball)

Shin pads (hard, soccer)

Neck guard with bib (hockey)