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Registration Instructions

Registration Contact Information:

Registrar (registration questions)
Tanveer Virani
Financial Administrator (technical assistance)
Stacey Fergusson
Waivers Coordinator (waiver questions)


  1. Register and pay online using RAMP
  2. Register with SSC-MMS (Speed Skating Canada) – for insurance purposes!
  3. Complete required online waivers

Question?  Why is this a 3-part process?

  1. CSSA uses RAMP registration service for online registration and payment.  We have been using this service for 3 years now and it works well for all our administrative needs.
  2. SSC (Speed Skating Canada) implemented an updated online registration program last year to track their membership across Canada.  That being said, we must link our information with their database.  In order to ensure that the information is accurate for each of our members, it is your responsibility to access your account directly.  There is no additional cost to registering with SSC, as we have included all costs in your program fees.  Unfortunately at this time, each member must have their own account, as the system does not yet account for a single “family” login option at this time.  You must be registered in SSC to be insured!
  3. Our online waiver system was implemented last season to respond to the feedback about all of the paper waivers completed at the beginning of each season.  We have taken this one step further this year and have updated and combined some of our waivers, to reduce the number of waivers required per member/family.

Before you begin with your online registration, answer these questions:

How will you be paying?  Payments must be made in full.

  • Credit card – online payment – You can choose to pay in full or split your payment with 70% now and 30% on October 15, 2016 (mark your calendar so you don’t forget)
  • Cheque, Cash, Money Order, Interact Debit – You are asked to attend the walk-in event scheduled for Thursday, August 25, 2016 at the Oval from 6:30-8:30pm, to make your payment in person.  If you cannot attend this walk-in event, please contact our office to make your payment prior to your first session.

Has any of your personal contact information changed?

  • Important***  Has your mailing address, email address or telephone number changed during the last year?  If so, please be sure to update your account information BEFORE your online registration.  Doing this FIRST will ensure that the updated information is attached to your registration file.

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Attached are the various step-by-step instructions for your reference.  Please feel free to print them out.

RAMP Instructions


RAMP Account Holder Manual


SSC-MMS Instructions


WAIVER Instructions

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