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Pricing Details

Program Fees:

Additional program fees may apply for skaters moving to more advanced programs during the season or qualifying for elite competitions.  Please refer to our Registration FAQ’s website page for details.

Family Membership – Skater < 18 Years:

The family membership fee MUST be selected as an option if you are registering at least one athlete under the age of 18.  The family membership fee for the season covers affiliations for 2 adults expected to volunteer with the club.

The names and birth dates of the adults are required at the time of registration.  The family membership is not transferable or refundable during the season.  The family membership fee is ‘per family’.  For example, if 2 skaters in one family are under 18, please choose this option when registering the oldest skater and do not choose this option when registering the younger skater.

Volunteer Deposit:

CSSA is a volunteer run organization.  Our programs depend on volunteers to help support the programs we deliver and athletes depend on volunteers to provide the opportunity to develop, compete and show their progress.

The volunteer commitment is 15 hours for one skater or 30 hours for two or more skaters in the same family.

The Volunteer deposit is not optional.  This deposit is required at the time of registration.  Parents and members have an option to complete the volunteer commitment during the season or to pay the fee, in lieu of volunteering.

Club members or associated members (family members) are required to provide a volunteer deposit cheque dated March 31st for $300 for one skater/$400 for two or more skaters of the same family for the current season. This cheque will be returned to you or destroyed when we verify your volunteer commitment has been met at the end of the season.

Skate Rental and Deposit:

The club has some skates available for rent for those members that choose not to purchase skates for the season.  The club offers a selection of short track skates.  We only have a limited supply of very large and very small sizes.   CSSA requires a skate rental deposit of $200 per skater prior to taking your skates.  This cheque will be returned to you when the skates are returned.  Please ensure skates are returned before the end of April.

Parking Pass:

The University of Calgary offers CSSA club members the opportunity to purchase a parking pass for the season.  The cost of the pass is set by the University of Calgary and is valid for parking lots # 10, 11 and 12 from September 1 to March 31.  The designated lots are located by the north entrance at 32nd Avenue and Collegiate Drive.  The cost of the parking pass can not be pro-rated.

If your skater attends programs at the University more than 2 times a week, the parking pass will be of value.  Parking fees are $7.00/entry without the pass.  The parking pass must be shown to the parking attendant upon entry to the lot and displayed on the dash while parked.

Competition Entry Fees:

Calgary Speed Skating Association and other speed skating clubs in Alberta hold competitions throughout the season.  CSSA club skaters may choose to attend and race against other skaters at their level of development.  Competitions will require advance registration through CSSA, including payment.  The payment covers CSSA’s cost for the event.  These competitions are optional.  Skaters are encouraged to talk with their coaches about attending competitions.

Competition registration fees vary, they can range from $30 to  $75 per skater.  Competition fees and travel costs are not included in the regular program fees.

Competition Upgrade to Elite:

Due to the original affiliation fees paid as part of the program, new affiliation levels and fees may apply to  members that become eligible to compete at specific competitions during the season.  All CSSA programs have are affiliated at the competitive level.

Upgrade affiliation fees are due when the skater qualifies for their first elite competition.  Competition upgrade fees are not pro-rated.

Drop In Fees:

For those not registered in any program, drop in fees apply.  Drop in fees cover the Oval ice pass and coaching.  Drop in fees are payable to CSSA.  Please contact our office to arrange payment and suitable coaching.

Special Event Affiliation:

For those skaters that are visiting from another club and wish to participate as a drop in member, you must first purchase a Special Event Affiliation, one time only, in addition to your drop-in fees.

Promotional Codes:

If you participated in the Absolute Speed Program (ABS) within a year from the start of the current season (September) CSSA offers you a promotional code discount for your program fees for the current season.  Your promotional code will be provided to you in your confirmation email of your ABS registration.


CSSA does not provide equipment as part of the program fee.  CSSA skin suits and jackets can be ordered through the club.

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