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Price Increase 16-17


To all of our returning CSSA families, we hope that everyone has had a fun and restful off-season and that all of our athletes are looking forward to getting back onto the ice for an exciting and rewarding 2016-2017 speed skating season.

As most of you know, CSSA is a not for profit organization that is run by a volunteer Board of Directors with significant assistance from of all of our members who volunteer their time and efforts along with our dedicated coaches and administrative staff. However, even with all of our volunteer efforts CSSA incurs significant expenses that are primarily paid for through our registration fees with some additional revenue generated by fund raising activities, meets (RUFAST, ABLT) and donations to CSSA.

The Board is very much aware that there is economic uncertainty in Calgary at this time and we have devoted significant hours working on a budget that will increase our revenues, through some new fund raising initiatives, as well as decreasing or streamlining our expenses wherever possible. However, the opportunity for our skaters to train at a renowned speed skating facility with some of the best speed skating coaches in Canada and, in small training groups that optimize safety and the quality of the coaching time, does come at a price.

In the last few years, the true cost of our program was significantly subsidized by CSSA through our reserve funds, but this approach is not sustainable. We will still subsidize a portion of this year’s program, to a lesser more manageable extent; however, in order to ensure that we can continue to provide quality training programs into the future, this year’s fee structure has been increased to accurately reflect the true and sustainable cost of running the full CSSA program.

This is not unique to CSSA, as most other sports programs in Calgary have also had to increase their fees for this coming season. Even with the fee increases, the sport of speed skating continues to be one of the most reasonably priced sporting programs in Calgary.  We have also performed a comparison of our fees to other large speed skating associations across Canada as a benchmark in efforts to be equitable.

CSSA will be running a casino in the late fall (these funds will not be available for use until next season); we will roll out new fund raising initiatives this year and next year and with an increased level of volunteer commitments from our families, the Board is targeting to restrict future fee increases to cost of living increases on a go forward basis.

More details will be provided in a registration mailer that will be coming out in late August prior to the registration completion date that will include information related to updating of our website, the volunteer policy, fund raising and much more…..

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Treasurer (Tibor Osvath), or any other member of our Board.


W. Tibor Osvath On Behalf of the CSSA Board of Directors


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