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Membership has its Privileges!

Members of Calgary Speed Skating Association are automatically affiliated with Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association and Speed Skating Canada.  Your program fees include your affiliation memberships:

Speed Skating Canada Affiliation Categories:

High Performance (Elite)

A skater who competes in International and/or Domestic sanctioned competitions i.e. SSC National Championships (Age Class, Junior, Senior) Qualifiers, Canada Cups, North Americans, Canada Winter Games and selection events in Canada.  This program is for current Oval Program participants that may not be in a CSSA program but are required to be registered with a local speed skating club.


A skater who competes in any other SSC or Branch sanctioned competition.  All CSSA programs are automatically affiliated at the competitive level, as we encourage all of our skaters to participate in at least one of our hosted events, ABLT and RUFast.


A skater who is a member of a Canadian speed skating club who does not compete in a sanctioned event.


A member of a Canadian speed skating club who contributes as a coach, official, volunteer or parent who does not participate as a skating member.  It is mandatory to have 2 parents/guardians registered as associate members for any skater under the age of 18.  Please refer to our Family Membership Fee.  Additionally non-skating coaches, Board of Directors, or anyone wishing to volunteer with CSSA must be registered as an associate member.


A skater who participates in a Learn to Skate or Student program from 16 -23 weeks conducted by clubs to provide the participant with an introduction to speed skating.

Special Event

A skater who participates in an individual sanctioned competition or special event.

Family Membership Fee

The Calgary Speed Skating Association is a not-for-profit volunteer run organization. Coaches depend on volunteers to support the programs they deliver and athletes depend on volunteers to provide the opportunity to develop, compete and show their progress.

Any skater (member) under the age of 18 must have also have 2 adults sign up as affiliate members through the Family Membership program.  This fee affiliates parents with Speed Skating Canada and Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association for insurance purposes.

Please contact us at info@calgaryspeedskating.ca if you need more information.

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