Calgary Speed Skating Association

Skate Maintenance

Learning About Caring for Your Skates

As a speed skater, your skates are your most important piece of equipment. You must know how to look after them to be able to skate your best. Please refer to our bulletins and website for upcoming seminars regarding equipment. Topics will include information for beginners up to high performance.

For additional information regarding equipment please refer to:

VH Speed Skating Resource Section http://www.vhspeedskating.com/resources/

Caring for Your Skates while Competing

Wherever you travel for speed skating, you should carry certain items to care for your skates properly when you’re away.  Besides all your equipment and clothing, you should also bring:

  1. a rag for drying off your skates after each use
  2. hard and soft skate guards to protect your blades
  3. a sharpening jig (if you have one)
  4. sharpening stones and deburring stones

Other items to stow in your bag:

  • extra socks, skin suits, laces and hair dryer in case of falls
  • personal medical information
  • any necessary permission forms/sheets
  • a plastic water bottle (no aluminum as it will melt through the ice)
  • reading material and games
  • nutritious snacks




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