Calgary Speed Skating Association



In any year the club can and does apply for funding grants. This type of funding has rules about, eligibility, how often the club can apply and how the funding is spent, which is tracked and reported to the funding organization. If it’s available, the spending for these funds appears in the approved budget for the season.

One thing to consider is this type of funding is not available every season/year. To ensure members are not subject to large changes in fees and balancing this with the sustainability of the club year over year, how these funds are spent is the subject of careful consideration.



Each year the club must find additional ways to raise funds to help offset the costs of running the club.


CSSA maintains its eligibility to participate in local Casino Fundraising through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.  These casinos run approximately every 2 years and is incorporated into our annual budget.


From time to time CSSA will participate in raffles during our events to help raise some additional funds for the club.

World Cup Tickets

CSSA has the opportunity to earn funds through the selling of World Cup Tickets.  When the event is completed and the tickets are sold, a portion of funds earned is then returned back to CSSA.  It is important that we sell as many tickets as we can!

Calgary Co-op Cards

Calgary Co-op cards is one of our fundraisers that continues throughout the season. Members are encouraged to purchase prepaid grocery or liquor cards that can be used at your local Co-op Stores for purchase. A percentage of cards purchased goes directly to Calgary Speed Skating. Co-op cards can also be utilized for gas purchases, where applicable.  These cards also make great gifts!

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