Calgary Speed Skating Association

Required Equipment

On-Ice Training

To maximize safety on the ice, the club follows Speed Skating Canada Required Equipment Guidelines.

To help you find equipment, we have put together a picture document with sample equipment for Long Track and Short Track.

  • Equipment required by Speed Skating Canada regulations (see below) 
  • Water bottle
  • Training clothes for warm-up

A note about skin suits:

For Calgary Speed Skating Association athletes, if:

  • a female skater is over the age of 11 as June 30th, and a male skater is over the age of 12 as June 30th, (T2T age category skater)
  • or training in a teen group;

they will need to wear zoned Kevlar or full Dyneema protection.

The club encourages skaters use the CSSA skin suit during practices to create team spirit!


Speed Skating Canada’s ruling in their Red Book about the use of National and International Teams skin suits:

C4-103 | National Team Suits
During an event sanctioned by SSC skaters must not wear a competition uniform (skin suit) identified as belonging to a country team (including Canada and abbreviations) unless he or she belongs to that team at the time of the competition. Unless adequate reason is given, the Referee shall suspend the skater from the remainder of the competition.

For most competitions skaters will not be able to use the National or International skin suits unaltered.  This past season, all competitions except Alberta Winter Games (exceptionally) and the West Edmonton Mall meet were SSC sanctioned.


Dryland and Weight Programs

  • Training clothes

  • Running shoes (inside and outside shoes please)

  • Lock for the locker (weight program only)

  • Water bottle

  • Jumping rope (Sport Check)

  • Arm watch with timer capability (WalMart)

The park and weight room facility are shared with other training groups (CSSA adults, ski group, biathlon groups, etc.).  Skaters are encouraged to leave their valuables at home.

The Coach will bring a first aid kit, phone and any training equipment (cables, cones, measuring tape, balls, etc).

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